Games & Fun

Some great games:
1. One Manga Day - visual novel
2. Winter Novel - visual novel
3. Wordlase - word puzzle
Available on Steam!

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Tools & Utilities

Different tools. Starting from different calculators and ends with pseudo-random sequences generators!
Most of the tools have the source code. So you can compile it by yourself.

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Sites & Applications

Commercial and opensource websites.
PHP, Jekyll, AJAX, JQuery and many other interesting technologies!
Also web-based HTML/JavaScript applications.

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New Blog Articles


Tiny desktop GUI application in PHP - 2 MB is enough

I often worry about minimizing the size of my GUI applications. My last article was about Nuklear. But now I want more modern technologies: HTML5, CSS3 and PHP. The final application shouldn't depend on anything, i.e. it should be built on the principle of all inclusive. The final size of the application should not exceed 2 megabytes. Is it possible? Read More ›

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