tools – GUI


Tools dxDD2RenPy is a tool to convert DialogueDesigner JSON file into Ren'Py code. Read More ›

tools – GUI


Tools dxSimpleUninstaller is a Simple GUI script to uninstall your Windows applications. The tool contains ~100 lines of code, written in PowerShell. Read More ›

tools – GUI

Nuklear+ library

Tools Nuklear+ (read as "Nuklear cross") is a front-end overlay for Nuklear GUI library. Write one simple code, compile it for any supported frontend. Read More ›

tools – Console


Tools A minimalistic non compressed archive file readers written in ANSI C. Supported formats: GNU tar (tape archive) and PAX in tar-compatibility mode, GNU ar, Cpio (binary for little- and big-endian machines, old an new ACSII). Read More ›

tools – Programming


Tools A small GUI utility to get C-style arrays from any file. Read More ›

tools – GUI

DexpCAgui - DeXPeriX Cellular Automata

Tools This application is intended for experienced users who have already created a pseudorandom number generators (PRNG). The output is a PRNG on a cellular automata. Read More ›

tools – 3D


Tools Simple PMD/PMX to MQO/OBJ converter. Read More ›

tools – GUI


Tools This application is an attempt to understand how flash memory works. The code is executed both on the controller and application. Used memory chips: Samsung, Hynix. Read More ›

tools – OpenGL

VerEn - Vertex Engine

Tools Vertex Engine is a small OpenGL application for visualization of material mechanics. Application not completed and is of interest only as a symbiosis of OpenGL, SDL, guichan and other libraries. Read More ›

tools – Console


Tools dx Memory Manager is a program that emulates work of operation system memory manager Read More ›

tools – Console

Words 2 Brainfuck

Tools A little program that translates string constants into Brainfuck programming language. Read More ›

tools – Console


Tools dxPlanner is a software that simulates the operation system processes planner. It was initially created as laboratory work at Gomel State Technical University. Read More ›

tools – Delphi

Kruskal's algorithm implementation

Kruskal's algorithm is a minimum-spanning-tree algorithm which finds an edge of the least possible weight that connects any two trees in the forest. It is a greedy algorithm in graph theory as it finds a minimum spanning tree for a connected weighted graph adding increasing cost arcs at each step. Read More ›

tools – Delphi

Maximum Flow implementation

In optimization theory, maximum flow problems involve finding a feasible flow through a single-source, single-sink flow network that is maximum. Read More ›

tools – Delphi

Dijkstra implementation

Dijkstra's algorithm is an algorithm for finding the shortest paths between nodes in a graph, which may represent, for example, road networks. Read More ›

tools – Delphi


Tools ATest is my first commercial application. The program helps to create tests for entrance examinations to the university. Written in Delphi 6, actively communicates with Microsoft Word. Read More ›

tools – WinAPI

WinApiCalc by DeXPeriX

Tools WinApi programming example. Programmed in Delphi. Read More ›

tools – Delphi

Calculator for Windows

Tools Engeneering calculator. Read More ›


Some useful tools.

Most are open source, you need to compile it by yourself.