sites – Online game

Winter Novel Demo

Sites You can find "Winter Novel" game in "Games" section of this site. This is the web verison of the game. Only demo chapters available. Read More ›

sites – Game's official site

One Manga Day website

Sites Website for One Manga Day game. Made by me from the ground: layout, styles, images, content. Read More ›

sites – Catalog

DeXPeriX's books depot

Sites I have a lot of paper books. I created this site to somehow catalog these books. Read More ›

sites – Commercial Site

Sites Livemaster is a marketplace for people sharing passion for handmade & design. Read More ›

sites – Commercial Site

Sites BookRiver is a service for books sharing. I worked in BookRiver's team for a year. Read More ›

sites – Opensource Site

Sites Ario is a GTK2 client for MPD (Music player daemon). The interface used to browse the library is inspired by Rhythmbox but Ario aims to be much lighter and faster. Read More ›

sites – Commercial Site

Sites Gomel online rental of CDs with home delivery of disks. My first commercial website. Read More ›

sites – Homepage

DeXPeriX Home Page

Sites My personal website. It's online since 2005, used differenet domain names and technologies. Some of them: HTML, xHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, C++, Jekyll, MySQL. Read More ›


Here you can find websites, made by DeXPeriX.

Not all owned by me, but I participate in the creation of each.