articles – GUI

Tiny desktop GUI application in PHP - 2 MB is enough

Articles I often worry about minimizing the size of my GUI applications. My last article was about Nuklear. But now I want more modern technologies: HTML5, CSS3 and PHP. The final application shouldn't depend on anything, i.e. it should be built on the principle of all inclusive. The final size of the application should not exceed 2 megabytes. Is it possible? Read More ›

articles – Gaming

Best Nintendo Switch games

Articles I'm an old-school PC gamer. I have more than 2500 games in my Steam library. And for the past two years I play mainly on a Nintendo Switch. This post is my personal favorites list with some explanations. I'll try to keep the list updating. Read More ›

articles – GUI

Nuklear+ — tiny crossplatform GUI

Articles Nuklear+ (read as "Nuklear cross") is a front-end overlay for Nuklear GUI library. Write one simple code, compile it for any supported frontend. Read More ›

articles – Static site creation

Advanced Jekyll

Articles Jekyll is a static site generator. That means, that you give some info to it and get HTML pages as a result. It's ok when the site is pretty simple or even single page. What about more complicated websites? Will Jekyll handle it? Will it be convenient? Read More ›

articles – Low level programming

Read TAR-file in 26 lines of Ansi-C code

Articles Archivers - it's scary! Huge and terrible algorithms that an ordinary person will never understand! Rar, zip, gzip, tar are modern de facto standards, which means extremely complex and tricky things that you should not try to understand. Well, tar looks simpler, maybe it's not that hard? See git with the sources. We see dozens of files, many of tens kilobytes. Hmm. Apparently, a dead end. Read More ›

articles – GUI

Nuklear — ideal GUI for tiny projects?

Articles Nuklear is a library for creating immediate mode user interfaces. The library does not have any dependencies (C89 only! Only hardcore!). But also does not know how to create operating system windows or perform real rendering. Nuklear is an embedded library that provides user-friendly interfaces for rendering by implemented application. There are examples on WinAPI, X11, SDL, Allegro, GLFW, OpenGL, DirectX. The parent of the concept was the ImGUI library. Read More ›

articles – Android

What else you can do on E-ink book with Android

Articles Somehow after sitting next day at the computer, I realized that I can not continue to work because eyes hurt. Usually, I have a few days of rest and I'm back in the ranks. But these few days have to live almost without a computer and do not stare at the mobile phone. Read More ›

articles – Qt GUI

QtCreator: Qt cross compilation from linux 64 into linux 32, win32, win64 and Mac OS X; upx, usb, dmg, etc

Articles The Qt library allows you to make really cross-platform applications. Once written code can be compiled for many operating systems. But the problem is precisely in the word "compile" because it means that it is necessary to reboot to the target system, have a customized development environment, installed and configured zoo of libraries. Cross compilation is a solution - a compilation that produces executable code for a platform different from the one on which it is executed. Read More ›

articles – Vim

Vim and keyboard layout switching

Articles All Vim commands need to be entered in English. This is a problem if the main text is entered in some other language because you often need to switch the layout. One of the solutions makes you get used to a new hotkey to switch layout. Also, there are many platform-dependent solutions with the call of various utilities. The goal of the vim-xkbswitch plug-in is to provide uniform behavior for many operating systems and languages. Read More ›

articles – Linux

Double Commander - Russian free Total Commander

Articles Double Commander is a cross platform open source file manager with two panels side by side. It is inspired by Total Commander and features some new ideas. It is written in Lazarus - some people think that pascal is a language for learning only. But on the other hand, it is possible to implement support for plugins from Total Commander easily, a little speed up development and give the user a choice of libraries to display the user interface (QT or GTK - are relevant only for Linux). Read More ›

articles – Track music

Introduction to the Schism Tracker

Articles Many people attracted by keygen music. And many would like to wirite this music. This article will help make the firs steps into the world of track music Read More ›


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