tools – Delphi


Blog ATest is my first commercial application. The program helps to create tests for entrance examinations to the university. Written in Delphi 6, actively communicates with Microsoft Word. Read More ›

tools – WinAPI

WinApiCalc by DeXPeriX

Blog WinApi programming example. Programmed in Delphi. Read More ›

russian – Delphi

Создание градиентной заливки

Полностью расписанный и объяснённый исходник градиентной заливки формы. Оригинальный исходник написал Y0da Read More ›

tools – Delphi

Calculator for Windows

Blog Engeneering calculator. Read More ›

photo – Life

Ireland 1998

Blog My travel to Ireland in 1998 Read More ›

photo – Life

Other photos till 2008

Blog Scanned paper and some electronic photos from 1998 to 2008. Read More ›