DeXPeriX Home Page

My personal website. It's online since 2005, used differenet domain names and technologies. Some of them: HTML, xHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, C++, Jekyll, MySQL.

Gray design (2005-2007)

The first version was made in PHP, HTML, CSS. No javascript or pictures used. Each page was PHP-script which includes header and footer.

Gray design

“Gray Designn” on Internet Archive ›

Win XP theme (2007-2008)

Next engine was made in PHP, uses files as database.

Win XP theme

“Win XP theme” on Internet Archive ›

Black Purple (2008-2017)

The engine was completely rewritten in 2007. C++, MySQL, Linux, LaTeX-like syntax for stored articles.

Black Purple

Old DeXPeriX.net ›

Feeling Responsive (since 2017)

Current version of the site is stored on GitHub Pages, uses Jekyll as main programming technology.

DeXPeriX Feeling Responsive

“Feeling Responsive” theme original repo ›

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