Word puzzle


Wordlase is a word-puzzle game. You need to compile words from the letters of offered one. For example, you can make words “ant” and “potion” from the letters of “interpolation”. But you can't assemble “mol” since there is no “m” letter.

You need to know 3655 unique words and press the button 14568 times to completely finish 30 demo levels. Play, have fun, become educated!

Remember, you can only use nouns in the game!

The game have the voice over by Tiana Lisp:

Soundtrack Preview

H311 - Life (Preview) H311 - Humanity (Preview) H311 - Solitude (Preview) H311 - Tunguska (Preview) H311 - Back to Earth (Preview) H311 - We Are Space (Preview) H311 - Red Signal (Preview)

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