A minimalistic non compressed archive file readers written in ANSI C. Supported formats: GNU tar (tape archive) and PAX in tar-compatibility mode, GNU ar, Cpio (binary for little- and big-endian machines, old an new ACSII).


  • public domain
  • single file with one function for each format (tar, ar, binary cpio)
  • less than 50 lines of code, including comments, license and blanks
  • or one file for all formats - more complicated, but more powerful
  • easy to use, just returns a pointer to your file inside archive
  • no dependencies (even stdlibc not used), embedded friendly
  • requires no memory/malloc or copying, uses only what is passed in
  • optimized for high speed routing of small archive files, stops parsing upon match
  • designed to work in pair with tinfl.c from miniz
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