DexpCAgui - DeXPeriX Cellular Automata

This application is intended for experienced users who have already created a pseudorandom number generators (PRNG). The output is a PRNG on a cellular automata.

DexpCAgui - Info

Cellular automata provide simple discrete deterministic mathematical models for physical, biological and computational systems. An “elementary” cellular automaton consists of a sequence of sites carrying values 0 or 1 arranged on a line. The value at each site evolves deterministically with time according to a set of definite rules involving the values of its nearest neighbours.

“Vector” tab indicates a mathematical basis of cellular automata, where the calculation process is shown. There you can see the auxiliary matrix, rules vector conversion, verification of the polynomial for irreducibility.

DexpCAgui - Vector

“Heur.Brute” tab will help you find the correct rules vectors, such that generators can produce the maximum length sequence.

DexpCAgui - Heur.Brute

“Modelling” tab can simulate the functioning of a cellular automata.

DexpCAgui - Modelling

You can generate VHDL or C/C++ code of cellular automata on the “Schematic” tab. Also you can see general view of your automata.

DexpCAgui - Schematic

The utility has an Android version:

DexpCAgui - Android Download DexpCAgui binary › DexpCAgui for Android ›

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