russian – Жизнь

Как мы забор строили

Blog Ужастики не приходят единожды. Очень боитесь, что что-либо повторится снова? Боитесь вновь и вновь окунаться в пучины ужаса? Это обязательно случиться! Стройка? Забор! Read More ›

photo – Life

It-cast meetup #1, 2017

Blog Import This Cast is our podcast about IT, technologies etc. Read More ›

articles – Static site creation

Advanced Jekyll

Blog Jekyll is a static site generator. That means, that you give some info to it and get HTML pages as a result. It's ok when the site is pretty simple or even single page. What about more complicated websites? Will Jekyll handle it? Will it be convenient? Read More ›

games – Word puzzle


Blog Wordlase is a word-puzzle game. You need to compile words from the letters of offered one. For example, you can make words “ant” and “potion” from the letters of “interpolation”. But you can't assemble “mol” since there is no “m” letter. Read More ›

tools – Console


Blog A minimalistic non compressed archive file readers written in ANSI C. Supported formats: GNU tar (tape archive) and PAX in tar-compatibility mode, GNU ar, Cpio (binary for little- and big-endian machines, old an new ACSII). Read More ›

articles – Low level programming

Read TAR-file in 26 lines of Ansi-C code

Blog Archivers - it's scary! Huge and terrible algorithms that an ordinary person will never understand! Rar, zip, gzip, tar are modern de facto standards, which means extremely complex and tricky things that you should not try to understand. Well, tar looks simpler, maybe it's not that hard? See git with the sources. We see dozens of files, many of tens kilobytes. Hmm. Apparently, a dead end. Read More ›

articles – GUI

Nuklear — ideal GUI for tiny projects?

Blog Nuklear is a library for creating immediate mode user interfaces. The library does not have any dependencies (C89 only! Only hardcore!). But also does not know how to create operating system windows or perform real rendering. Nuklear is an embedded library that provides user-friendly interfaces for rendering by implemented application. There are examples on WinAPI, X11, SDL, Allegro, GLFW, OpenGL, DirectX. The parent of the concept was the ImGUI library. Read More ›

tools – Programming


Blog A small GUI utility to get C-style arrays from any file. Read More ›

sites – Online game

Winter Novel Demo

Blog You can find "Winter Novel" game in "Games" section of this site. This is the web verison of the game. Only demo chapters available. Read More ›

games – Visual Novel

Winter Novel

Blog Snow, dullness, depression. Constant dissatisfaction with work and superiors and feeling like there is no escape. Is this what life will always be? Perhaps… but I can always hope for change to be just around the corner!… Read More ›