tools – GUI

DexpCAgui - DeXPeriX Cellular Automata

Blog This application is intended for experienced users who have already created a pseudorandom number generators (PRNG). The output is a PRNG on a cellular automata. Read More ›

photo – Life

Unicon 2015

Blog Universe conversation - 2015. IV festival of fantastics, fantasy, comics and games. Minsk, Belarus. Read More ›

tools – 3D


Blog Simple PMD/PMX to MQO/OBJ converter. Read More ›

sites – Game's official site

One Manga Day website

Blog Website for One Manga Day game. Made by me from the ground: layout, styles, images, content. Read More ›

photo – Sea

Bulgaria 2014

Blog Our karate team at Bulgaria Read More ›

games – Visual Novel

One Manga Day

Blog Short visual novel, originally written in Russian. It's about Japaneese comics named manga. Read More ›

photo – Life

Autumnal fish soup 2014

Blog Fish soup is a some kind of University activity. Read More ›

articles – Android

What else you can do on E-ink book with Android

Blog Somehow after sitting next day at the computer, I realized that I can not continue to work because eyes hurt. Usually, I have a few days of rest and I'm back in the ranks. But these few days have to live almost without a computer and do not stare at the mobile phone. Read More ›

articles – Qt GUI

QtCreator: Qt cross compilation from linux 64 into linux 32, win32, win64 and Mac OS X; upx, usb, dmg, etc

Blog The Qt library allows you to make really cross-platform applications. Once written code can be compiled for many operating systems. But the problem is precisely in the word "compile" because it means that it is necessary to reboot to the target system, have a customized development environment, installed and configured zoo of libraries. Cross compilation is a solution - a compilation that produces executable code for a platform different from the one on which it is executed. Read More ›

tools – GUI


Blog This application is an attempt to understand how flash memory works. The code is executed both on the controller and application. Used memory chips: Samsung, Hynix. Read More ›